What you can expect to see at 10:46 UTC on Monday. That is:

New York 06:46 London 11:46 Moscow 13:46 Mumbai 16:16 Hong Kong 18:46 Tokyo 19:46 Sydney 20:46

Halving will take place at block number (height or length) 1,680,000, just as the last one occurred at block 840,000.

Miner generation will drop from 25 to 12.5.

And that will show up on this chart over the coming week. The blue line will fall this week, and the orange line will catch up later.

Inflation will halve, starting with the 24 hour measure, to be followed by the 1 week, 5 and 12 weeks. They will all roll down towards 4.4%.

Our countdown clock can be found here

And don’t forget to watch the event live here

Happy halvening!

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